FinTech | September 14, 2016

Zerodha Partners with ChartIQ for HTML5 Charting Solutions

Written by Cosaic Engineer

Zerodha ChartIQ charts

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 14, 2016 – ChartIQ, the leader in HTML5 financial charting for capital markets, announced its partnership with Zerodha, India’s leading online discount brokerage firm. The partnership enables Zerodha to deliver a modern and immersive trading interface to over one million traders across India, most of whom interact with the platform via their mobile device. Zerodha has over 140,000 clients with over $2 billion in daily turnover contributions on average across various exchanges in India.

Dan Schleifer, CEO & Co-founder of ChartIQ, comments, “The integration into Zerodha’s financial trading platform demonstrates ChartIQ’s unlimited customization options available through our charting solution, as well as the ability to deliver to millions of devices without any disruption in performance. This type of flexibility allows companies like Zerodha to scale a viable business quickly, and on their own terms.”

Zerodha integrated ChartIQ’s advanced charting library into its multi-lingual trading platform Kite through a Software Development Kit (SDK). Kite is a web-based trading platform that delivers a visually rich charting display for mobile and tablet devices. The platform offers many technical analysis indicators, drawing tools, and trading options like many traditional platforms, but Kite offers an easy-to-use, minimalistic interface. The interface is simple enough that anyone with basic knowledge can start trading right away.

“We are very happy with our association with ChartIQ. We are certain that Kite’s superior technology wrapped up and presented with ChartIQ’s Charting Library will not only ensure smooth access for our clients to the market, but also make the whole trading experience more enjoyable for our traders,” says Nithin Kamath, Founder & CEO, Zerodha.

Kite also provides live streaming prices and buy/sell submissions in just two clicks or by using keyboard shortcuts. Kite has access to five years of free historical data for all stocks through its integration with ChartIQ and advanced technical analysis charting that includes ninety-nine indicators. Currently, Kite is available in ten different Indian languages: Hindi, Odiya, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Malayalam.

About Zerodha

Zerodha is an award-winning online discount brokerage firm designed to allow active traders to buy and sell financial instruments such as stocks, futures, options, currencies, and commodities under a never-before-seen brokerage-free model in order to deliver the maximum value to its clients. Technologically driven, Zerodha currently offers advanced trading platforms like Pi and Kite as well as intuitive reporting tools like Q and Quant. Zerodha is also creating a strong online education infrastructure for its clients to learn about stock markets with ‘Zerodha Varsity’. To encourage easy investment culture, Zerodha recently introduced a mutual fund platform. Zerodha is the first discount brokerage firm in India and has been instrumental in introducing the concept of ‘discount brokerage’ in India. Zerodha has over 140,000 clients across the country.

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