Development | June 3, 2021

Upgrading to ChartIQ 8.3 from the v.7x Line

Written by Cosaic Engineer

Upgrade Webinar

ChartIQ 8.3 is here – and many of our clients are missing out on new features from the v8.x line because they are still running v7.x. It’s important to upgrade so you can continue to provide your clients with a great charting experience, however some of you may not know which version you are on. That’s the first step in the upgrade path. For full upgrade documentation click here.

Find my ChartIQ version

The easiest way to determine what ChartIQ version you are running within your project is to look inside the chartiq.js file that you are using inside your project. 

For most project builds this file is located in the following path “./js/chartiq.js”. If you customized your build and changed directory structures and file locations, you may need to locate the chartiq.js file by doing a search of your project.

The top of the chartiq.js file will contain your version number.  It looks like this:

How to find your ChartIQ version
Find your ChartIQ version.


Register for Upgrade Webinar

In this special release webinar, we’ll highlight enhancements in the v8.x line while also addressing client concerns about upgrading. Join us June 17th at 11:00 am EST to:

  • See a play-by-play demo of the upgrade path
  • Learn how to retool of customizations that are more involved than dot-version upgrades
  • Participate in an interactive upgrade Q&A session
  • Check out 8.0 enhancements and new features in a “highlight reel” that will convince all stakeholders of the importance of upgrading

Create the best possible experience for your user—and differentiate yourself from your competitors—by completing your upgrade and offering a future-forward, robust charting experience. A limited 1:1 opportunity for clients will be revealed at the end of the webinar.

Register for Upgrade Webinar



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