See Sample workflow between Symphony, Salesforce and Greenkey.

Finsemble for Sales and Trading Floors

Connect disparate tech to expedite decision-making.

Whether it’s market data tools, chat, risk management, order management, or CRM, sales and trading floors have more tools than ever, and rarely do any of them work together. This disjointed environment takes the one lifeline traders and sales floors have—the potential power of technology—and creates a chaotic desktop environment. See how Finsemble improve sales and trading workflow.


Integrated Workflows: From Nice-to-Have to Business Continuity Imperative

In this unprecedented era, firms are discovering the investments they made in digitization initiatives changed from ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness, to critical business continuity infrastructure. In this webinar, industry experts met to discuss how banks and technology firms are collaborating on next-generation digital initiatives to handle global work-from-home orders. Check out this recording on demand. Speakers include: Citi Ventures, Bloomberg, Illuminate Financial Management, and iPushPull.

Finsemble named “Most Innovative Smart Trader Desktop & Workflows” at A-Team Innovation Awards 2022

“We are honored to take home the award for the most innovative smart desktop. Finsemble has been consistently raising the bar for interoperability platforms since its release in 2017,” says Dan Schleifer, Cosaic CEO. “In the past year alone we’ve propelled our offering ahead of the competition in a number of ways.”

Live Workflow Demonstration: ChartIQ and Symphony

At 2019 Symphony Innovate, CEO Dan Schleifer discusses how application overload has been plaguing the desktops of the finance industry and beyond for years. To increase user effectiveness, efficiency, and reduce error rates, workflow solutions like Finsemble are here to help. In this live demo, see ChartIQ charts shared in real-time within the Symphony messaging application.

Featured Ecosystem Workflow

iPushPull logoipushpull delivers an API that lets you securely share data between desktop applications like Microsoft Excel, mobile devices and cloud services in real-time, without sending files. The partnership between ipushpull and Finsemble extends significant value to Finsemble customers who want to enhance data sharing capabilities, stitch together top performing workflows quickly, and increase efficiency in the front office and beyond.

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