What is a Smart Desktop? Introduction to Finsemble

Finsemble is a smart desktop platform that allows any type of application to sync, link, and share information, even if they weren’t originally designed to. Discover how connectivity creates intelligent, meaningful workflow while gaining efficiency and reducing error rates.


The Finsemble Dashbar is an additional bar below the Finsemble toolbar. The dashbar can house and display multiple applications of the end user’s choice. It’s an easy way to have an at-a-glance display of your favorite apps.


In this video, see how Finsemble notifications help users stay organized when receiving communications from their applications.

Tiling and Tabbing Windows

Finsemble windows have UI capabilities, such as tiling, that provide users with an efficient and modern desktop experience. See how users can tile windows together through a straightforward drag and drop.

Linking and Sharing

Finsemble allows any type of application to sync, link, and share information, even if they weren’t originally designed to.

Snapping and Docking

Finsemble windows have snapping, docking and grouping capabilities for an elegant and streamlined user experience. Smart window management is the key to improving user experience and productivity.

Floating Toolbar

The Finsemble floating toolbar’s content is responsive, able to be resized, and menus will deploy from it intelligently, no matter where it goes across a multiple monitor setup. It has has a fully customizable template and UI library that allows for quick and easy custom CSS theming.

Customize the Toolbar

For developers: See how you can customize the toolbar template and UI library for quick and easy custom CSS theming.


In this demo showcasing Finsemble’s keyboard navigation, see how users can select applications and organize workspaces all without leaving the keyboard.


Partner Demos

Improve Workflow with Finsemble Protocol Handler

By offering a securable url-like protocol and protocol handler, Finsemble allows your development team to create powerful user experiences. Users can share deep links to live charts within their chat application, import data from external systems, or trigger execution and/or compliance workflows.

Workflow Overview Presentation from Symphony Innovate

Cosaic CEO Dan Schleifer discusses how application overload has been plaguing the desktops of the finance industry and beyond for years. To increase user effectiveness, efficiency, and reduce error rates, workflow solutions like Finsemble are here to help. In this live demo, see ChartIQ charts shared in real-time within the Symphony messaging application.

Bloomberg® Terminal Connect

Finsemble allows all your applications to exchange information with each other in a secure smart desktop environment. Now they can communicate and share with your Bloomberg® terminal to create one fluid system.

Sales and Trading Floors Workflow

Whether it’s market data tools, chat, risk management, order management, or CRM, sales and trading floors have more tools than ever, and rarely do any of them work together. This disjointed environment takes the one lifeline traders and sales floors have—the potential power of technology—and creates a chaotic desktop environment. See how Finsemble can bring together to connect disparate tech and expedite decision-making.


Applications like Microsoft Excel, mobile devices and cloud services in real-time, without sending files. The partnership between ipushpull and Finsemble extends significant value to Finsemble customers who want to enhance data sharing capabilities, stitch together top performing workflows quickly, and increase efficiency in the front office and beyond.

Adaptable Blotter

The Adaptable Blotter is a powerful DataGrid add-on that provides all the cutting-edge functionality that financial and other advanced users require to be productive and efficient. This integration leverages the powerful DataGrid capabilities of the Adaptable Blotter within Finsemble.