Finsemble Features

A customized desktop experience with only the features you need most. Assemble a solution that works for you - with both Windows and Mac OS support.

Highlighted Features
  • Linking & Sharing
    Linking & Sharing
    Link components by data (such as symbol or account).
  • Workspaces
    Save, share, and restore workspaces.
  • Snapping & Docking
    Snapping & Docking
    Snap, dock, and group windows.
  • Integrate
    Integrate modern and legacy technologies as well as in-house or third-party applications into a single platform.
  • UX Components
    UX Components
    Customizable toolbar, launcher, and dialogs.
  • Dynamic Configuration
    Dynamic Configuration
    Create personalized interfaces for anyone in your organization.
  • Authentication
    Link to your organization’s network for quick and easy authentication.
  • Event Router
    Event Router
    Route communications between components, enabling a pub/sub model.
  • Central Logger
    Central Logger
    Easily debug and diagnose issues across multiple windows.
  • Distributed Store
    Distributed Store
    Scalability and stability for complex applications.
  • Hotkeys
    Control your applications with your choice of hot keys and other events.
  • Search
    Contextual spotlight-like search.

With Finsemble, legacy, modern and third party applications work together in a
unified desktop experience.

See a sample workflow between a salesperson and a client that synchronizes applications in real time:


Features In Action

Linking and Sharing


Manage Workspaces


Snapping and Docking