What can Finsemble do for you?

With Finsemble, experience a unified desktop environment that can be built without extensive coding. Communication between any type of application (native, web, in-house, and third-party - including Citrix virtual apps) extends across multiple windows and monitors. Mac OS and Windows support. Connected applications can solve a variety of business problems. How can we help you shape a new way to work?

Get more work done in less time.

Eliminate manual re-entry and error rates. See intelligent workflow with cross-application data sharing in an instant. Gain effectiveness and efficiency across the enterprise. Learn more.

Native to Web: Leave no app behind.

Leverage the investment you have with existing applications while transitioning to HTML5. Native applications can easily be incorporated into your workflow. Learn more.

Deploy web to client desktop

Break out of the browser. Run web apps side by side with legacy or in-house apps—snapping and docking—in the same workspace. Learn more.

Launch innovation faster.

Every industry is in a tech boom. These solutions should be solving problems for your users, not creating them. Innovation Officers use Finsemble to deploy tech to users faster. Learn how.

Build beautiful multi-window applications.

Build a better UX for your users. Finsemble helps application vendors break down apps into a multi-window experience. Learn how to do it.

Streamline acquired technology integration.

Deliver on the vision of an integrated end-to-end workflow and user experience for your customers, and capture the accretive value of your acquisitions in a fraction of the time. See use case.

Work (flow) like never before.

Harness the power of interoperability.

Once your applications start talking to each other, that’s just the beginning. Share information back and forth seamlessly between the applications you use every day, and eliminate error rates due to copy paste and navigating browser tabs. Work smarter, leaner, and more efficiently with automated workflows you don’t even see.

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Finsemble named “Most Innovative Smart Trader Desktop & Workflows”

Learn more about the A-Team Innovation Award

Real world use case

Pictet Asset Management (an independently owned asset management company with assets under management of over 200 billion) created customized workflows by using the Finsemble smart desktop platform to enable vendor and in-house application interoperability.

The results were astounding. In some cases up to ten minutes a trade has been saved.

Pictet Asset Management and Finsemble won the award for Best Implementation at a Buy-Side Firm

See Pictet's case study and workflows

The Smart Desktop Designer: fast-track to interoperability

Finsemble is the industry’s first no-code smart desktop platform. In under an hour, clients can assemble any type of application into shareable, publishable workspaces. This means your Innovation Officer, Head of Product, or any business user can build a smart desktop without developer support.

  • Point and click GUI expedities application integration, UX design, and security
  • Assemble, customize and deploy into production a complete smart desktop in under an hour
  • FDC3-enabled applications can interoperate out-of-the-box
  • Save development resources and see faster time to market


Finsemble provides features you won’t find anywhere else.
Finsemble secure app communication on dark laptop

The gold standard in security.

Once you bring web technology to the desktop, security issues arise that must be mitigated. By making the choice to run Finsemble on the world-renowned Electron platform (and adhering to FDC3 standards) we became part of a community with one common goal: to improve the way applications interact on the desktop.

We are here to shape a new (and secure) way to work.

Learn How We Did It
By leveraging two powerful integration layers, entire desktop solutions can be assembled in hours instead of months.
Visual Integration

All applications launched by Finsemble share an aesthetic. This look and feel is defined by your organization through easy white labeling.

The following capabilities are available out-of-the-box for all applications, with zero coding.

  • Snap, dock, tile, and tab any window
  • Save and re-launch windows in the same position and with the same content
  • Floating, dockable toolbar that launches apps and manages workspaces
  • Industry-leading native support
Logical Integration

While clients get to production deployment and time savings with no code, developers can extend Finsemble with advanced APIs and custom integrations that make up “logical” integration. Any type of application can participate: native, web, in-house, and third-party (including Citrix virtual apps).

  • Drag and drop data from from one app to another to selectively share context
  • Link apps together for automatic syncing across a group or the entire platform
  • Integrate legacy native applications written in .NET (WPF & Winforms) or Java (Swing and FX)
  • Create customized, automated workflows and deep integrations

Industry-Leading Native Support

With Finsemble, get the tools you need to seamlessly incorporate native applications into your smart desktop workflows. Because the majority of our client’s apps are native, we’re committed to making these applications they use every day equal participants on the desktop. You won’t find native support like ours anywhere else.

Learn more

No-code workflow is only the beginning.

Regardless of your existing application portfolio, you can take advantage of out-of-the-box features to quickly advance your smart desktop project. Save developer resources. Start to build immediately. Develop application interoperability by connecting suites of legacy native applications with modern HTML5 apps. See our Finsemble Documentation page for more details. Supports both Windows and Mac OS.

Microsoft WPF and Winforms JavaFX and Java SwingDeveloper advantages:

  • Focus on building workflow between applications, not infrastructure
  • Keep teams working on the frameworks they know, like Angular & React
  • Enjoy a robust developer experience with the power of Typescript
  • Integrate WinForms, WPF, or Java applications with ease (Learn more)
  • FDC3 workbench and tools accelerate enabling apps to meet industry standards
Start Building Today

The Future of Work. Intelligent, Streamlined Workflows.

Sharing data between applications is just step one. The workflows our clients build are the real game-changer. Check out this Finsemble demo featuring a workflow with Symphony.

More Workflows

Redefine Your Desktop with the Finsemble Ecosystem

Supported by our fintech partners, the Finsemble Ecosystem allows clients to discover, choose, and combine third-party applications into a custom desktop solution. It’s a smart solution that allows firms who license Finsemble to gain an entire suite of products for their smart desktop without dedicating additional time and resources.

Explore our ecosystem