Plugging in with FDC3 

How to boost your application usage and become an integral part of trader workflow

This whitepaper aims to provide guidance around the following:

  • Open Standard, Open Market: What is FDC3, what an FDC3 environment actually looks like, and why FDC3 is being embraced
  • Hubs and Spokes: What’s required to get value from an FDC3-enabled environment as a best-of-breed point solution or a major vendor
  • Plugging In: How, why, and when to become involved as a vendor

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As a vendor in capital markets, interoperability is most likely top of mind as FDC3 is supported by the biggest buy and sell-side firms in the industry. The future of your application participating in client workflow may very well depend on you opting in. 

Read the white paper to discover how your application can become a part of the interoperability ecosystem with FDC3 + Finsemble.

Download the White Paper