The Finsemble Smart Desktop. A New Way to Work.

Finsemble is a smart desktop application framework that allows any type of application to sync, link, and share information, even if they weren't originally designed to.

• Eliminate error rates and manual re-entry
• Automate cross-application & multi-window workflows
• Save development time with out-of-the-box features
• Run web technology on secured Electron

Discover how connectivity creates intelligent, meaningful workflow—anywhere you are.

Why FinsembleFeaturesWatch the Video

Built by software engineers, for software engineers. 

Our software development kit allows you to deliver a smart desktop to users faster than the competition. Because we discovered and solved complex development problems for you, applications can begin sharing information right away and customized workspaces can be quickly assembled.

What can Finsemble do for you?

Experience a new way to work within a truly unified desktop environment. Communication between any type of application (modern or legacy, in-house or third party) across multiple windows and monitors.

Partner Ecosystem
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The scaffolding for your solution.

You can build all of this yourself, but why? Take advantage of these out-of-the-box features and start building application interoperability immediately.


Integration In Action

Workers rely on multiple desktop applications every day, demanding that they toggle between apps to complete their day-to-day workflows and manually re-enter data. See how Finsemble's HTML5 application framework provides window management, workspace management, dialogs, menus, and launchers, allowing our clients to build true desktop applications with all the advantages of HTML5.

By leveraging two powerful integration layers, entire desktop solutions can be assembled in hours instead of months. 

Visual Integration

  • Snap, dock, tile, and tab any window
  • Save and re-launch windows in the same position and with the same content 
  • Floating, dockable toolbar that launches apps and manages workspace
  • Drag and drop data from one app to another to selectively share context
  • Link apps together for automatic syncing across a group or the entire platform
  • Extensible architecture allows firms to create custom, low-code workflows while also leveraging FDC3 standards.

Logical Integration

Redefine Your Desktop with the Finsemble Ecosystem

Supported by our fintech partners, the Finsemble Ecosystem allows clients to discover, choose, and combine third-party applications into a custom desktop solution. It’s a smart solution that allows firms who license Finsemble to gain an entire suite of products for their smart desktop without dedicating additional time and resources.

See Finsemble in Action. Book a Personalized Demo.

Learn how you can leverage Finsemble to integrate your desktop applications to solve problems that are unique to your business. 

We'll show you how to use Finsemble to make the most of the applications you use every day, whether they're modern, legacy, in-house, or third-party, to create one truly smart desktop. 

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Don't Take Our Word For It, Listen To Our Customers & Partners

Get more work done in less time.

Eliminate manual re-entry and see intelligent workflow with cross-application data sharing in an instant. 

Deploy web to client desktop

Break out of the browser. Run web apps side by side with legacy or in-house apps—snapping and docking—in the same workspace.

Build beautiful multi-window applications.

Finsemble helps application vendors break down apps into a multi-window experience.

Native to Web: Use what you depend on.

Leverage the investment you have with existing applications while transitioning to HTML5.

Launch innovation faster.

Solutions should be solving problems for your users, not creating them. Innovation Officers use Finsemble to deploy tech to users faster.

Streamline acquired technology integration.

Deliver on the vision of an integrated end-to-end workflow and user experience for your customers.

Multi-Application Debugging

Our Central Logger provides a unified place to view logs—with accurate timing across all components and tools to find bugs.

Enterprise Support

Our client success team works alongside your developers to understand your business problem and increase productivity through solution architecting, POC creation, and issue replication.

A Polished UX

Finsemble is the first smart desktop solution to provide support for a multi-window paradigm with all of the UX features users expect: snapping, docking, tabbing, tiling, grouping, and more. 

Monitor and Window Management

Coordinate multiple windows across multiple monitors with zero code changes to your apps.

Global Hotkeys

Users can use keyboard shortcuts, no matter what window has focus.

Unparalleled Security

Running on the trusted Electron framework and adhering to FDC3 standards, we are shaping a new, secure way to work.

“Finsemble has the power to transform user experience and productivity by linking critical applications together in a seamless environment.”

- Kevin Foley, Managing Director, Head of Markets Electronification, Citi

“Now we’re victims of our own success because we’ve got people banging on the door, saying can you do this, can you do that. Because they’re understanding the concept, and the power of interoperability.”

- Dan Benninger, Investment Platform Integrator + Scrum Master, Pictet Asset Management

Pictet Asset Management

“Our clients often can’t justify the huge investment required to create a more joined-up user experience for traders and risk managers by re-implementing everything from scratch. Finsemble offers our clients a road map to an HTML5 future that doesn’t break the bank.” 

- Graeme Harker , Managing Partner, Norman & Sons