Highlighted Features
  • Easy Integration
    Easy Integration
    Deliver the most sophisticated UI in active trading and differentiate your platform. With our purpose-built SDK, injection API, extensive documentation, and U.S.-based customer support, you can add interactive time series charts to your application or web page in no time. Integrate with third-party applications to build a completely individualized user experience and enhance end-user workflow.
  • Superior Flexibility
    Superior Flexibility
    ChartIQ is a single solution that simplifies the management of trading dashboards—regardless of application framework. Out-of-the-box, you are provided with a modern user interface with a large amount of charting real estate.
  • Customization
    Append, prepend, or overwrite any function of the Charting Library. Our Injection API allows customers to do anything they want when they use our powerful Charting Library engine. Take advantage of our out-of-the-box templates, or create your very own capabilities to fit the requirements of your end users. You know what makes your products tick, now make it unique with ChartIQ.
  • Unparalleled Performance
    Unparalleled Performance
    Leverage the gold standard for data visualization in active trading and across capital markets. Built on HTML5 Canvas (not SVG) for superior time series charting, ChartIQ is designed to handle 50,000+ data points, updating in real time down to the millisecond.
  • Trade from the Chart
    Trade from the Chart
    Our Trade from the Chart feature allows you to drag and drop positions on the very same interface used to analyze trade strategies. Trade From Chart works seamlessly across devices, so traders that place orders at their desk can check status or update positions from their mobile devices. Traders get industry specific insight through our order book with volume profiles, and see a detailed record of trades and transactions with our trade blotter. Learn more about our premium modules.
  • Cross-platform Delivery
    Cross-platform Delivery
    With ChartIQ, there’s nothing you do on the web that you can’t do on mobile. We deliver the same consistent UI and functionality to any device on any OS. Make super fast market decisions anywhere: mobile, web, tablet, or desktop.
  • Data Agnostic
    Data Agnostic
    ChartIQ connects to any type of data—including third-party, or proprietary data. Whatever method you have for delivering data to your chart, ChartIQ will connect.
  • Dev Support and Routine Upgrades
    Dev Support and Routine Upgrades
    Enjoy US-based support with years of expertise in securities-based software. Whether it’s sending sample code, debugging sites, or analyzing data feeds, our experts ensure a fast and effective implementation. Regular upgrades give you peace of mind, so you know your charts will always be compatible and include the most up-to-date functionality.

“The entire team at Coinone considers ChartIQ as one of the most reliable solutions for markets charting. ChartIQ’s Charting Library supports various plugins, advanced charting and technical indicators that users love, and provides fast support feedback.”

—Tony Park, Product Manager, Coinone