Customize and Personalize
Your View of the Market

Easily Build Technical Indicators

You have the best charts and trading tools in your platform, but your active traders often want extra customization. For those needing more, we have created ScriptIQ. This premium module allows traders to program their own indicators into the Charting Library by using Coffeescript syntax, a simplified syntax that compiles to JavaScript and follows the same pattern as other historical scripting languages.

Introduction to ScriptIQ


About ScriptIQ

Compared with the equivalent JavaScript, the user is spared from some terse syntactical details such as curly braces “{“, variable declarations, semi-colons, et al. ScriptIQ follows the same pattern as other historical scripting languages.

Like all of these languages, our script leverages the parent language (Coffeescript) to gain variables, expressions, loops, and functions. It then adds a set of “builtins” (functions such as “ema”). Using these tools, users can assemble an algorithm for their indicator.

Leverage the Advantages of Coffeescript

ScriptIQ improves upon legacy languages by choosing Coffeescript as its base. Coffeescript is much easier to learn and far less verbose. This choice also improves on EFS (which is also JavaScript based).

We do this through clever programming that shields the user from expositional code (in EFS you must write two functions for each indicator). The Coffeescript syntax is closest to PINE, which shares a minimalist syntax. However, ScriptIQ has the advantage of being based on JavaScript. It is designed to be run inside a browser (for quicker development and reduced infrastructure) as well as on a server (in node.js, to potentially support off-line alerting).