Offer a customized platform that surpasses your competition.
Active Trader + Trade From Chart

Active Trader plus Trade from Chart offers a trading specific toolkit to complement our high-performance, time series charts. Seamlessly deliver on all platforms and devices. Utilize an off-the-shelf white labeled solution that’s easy to assemble. Provide a holistic platform that outperforms the competition. Learn more about Active Trader.


CrossPlot allows you to provide linked graphic displays through cross-section plots. Using ChartIQ templates, you can easily provide term structure, options analytics, and scatterplot graphics. CrossPlot goes beyond time series so that categorical data (as opposed to scaled, numerical data) can be used for both X & Y axes.

Trade Visualization

See how a given event—occurring over a span of time—relates to the market, and analyze each of its relevant data points. Visually analyze both performance and events, such as a position holding period of any length—from minutes to months. Incorporate any data set to visually organize data. Can be used to reconstruct the life cycle of an order for Post-Trade Visualization to meet requirements of Dodd-Frank and MiFID II. Learn more about Trade Visualization.