Small traders are a huge part of the booming options market - but understanding options trading can be overwhelming for the average retail trader. With the ChartIQ options analysis solution, traders can now visualize the options chain directly on their technical chart.

Benefits for Options Traders

  • Visualize data instantly—implied volatility, volume, open interest, or bid/ask
  • Compare shifts in the curves over time or across instruments
  • Real-time graphics highlight activity in the options market
  • Combine technical analysis with options market data and open interest or volume data
  • Survey historical volatility and price data directly on the chart
  • Rendering of options pay-off diagram, risk graphs, and if-then scenarios supported

Learn, Visualize, and Execute with the Options Sentiment Study

With our proprietary Options Sentiment Study, traders can easily understand options market sentiment, and solutions providers can get a leg up by providing clients with educational tools around market sentiment. Learn, visualize, and execute.

Options Sentiment Study allows you to add options sentiment to your price target analysis.

What happens when users can visualize options market data? Inspiration + Education.

Boost Trading Platform Usage

Savvy retail brokerages use our Options Analysis toolkit to give their platform an advantage. With ChartIQ, you can now use volume and open interest market data to enrich your pre-trade technical analysis offering. There are no general purpose interactive real-time, white label graphic solutions designed specifically for option analytics. Providers using ChartIQ can now lead the charge with a new way to allow options traders to view (and learn about) options market data.

Benefits for Institutions: People First

At ChartIQ, we specialize in improving end user workflow. Options trading and market making is human-centric, with people making split second decisions with actions like person-to-person RFQs. With ChartIQ, institutions can move faster, allowing users to quickly visualize options pay-off diagrams, risk graphs, and if-then scenarios. Additionally, their overall workflow can be supercharged when they share the information with each other via our smart desktop platform, Finsemble.

Eliminate the expense of maintaining and enhancing proprietary options analysis solutions.

  • Less overhead for teams to maintain software.
  • Reduce overall costs.
  • Create a better user experience.

Options Analysis for Institutions Video Demo

Provide Options Analysis Faster

ChartIQ decreases time to value by providing an extensive SDK. Our documentation is easy, our getting started guide is top notch, and our clients love our customer support. Built by developers, for developers, your Options Analysis package will be off the ground in no time.

The ChartIQ Difference: A Complete Options Analytics Platform

  • Real-time graphics support with beautiful visual displays
  • Fully interactive charts to drive and streamline workflow
Learn more about the ChartIQ difference

Give your users the power to visually analyze (and build) their options strategy.