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ChartIQ Overview

Sample Use Cases


Active Trader plus Trade from Chart is a trading specific toolkit to compliment our high-performance, time series charts. Attract and retain active traders with a holistic platform that outperforms the competition.



Get true order transparency with ChartIQ Post-Trade Visualization. Firms spend millions on trade compliance to meet regulations like Dodd-Frank and MiFID II, but lack the tools to visualize what happened in the life cycle of an order. Now they can.

Fixed Income, Currencies, and Commodities


With Term Structure Graph, fixed income traders can reap the benefits of graphic data displays. Get real-time, interactive charts for fixed income, commodities, and currency sectors.

The ChartIQ Difference

ChartIQ is the first and only professional grade HTML5 Charting Library solution that works seamlessly on any platform (mobile, web, desktop) or framework (Angular, React) using a single library. It is pure JavaScript and runs entirely within the browser.
Most companies have at least one financial charting library for each platform or application they target—web, C#, Java, Android, iOS, etc. which means developers have multiple code bases to maintain. With ChartIQ, write your code once and use it everywhere.

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Satisfy your active traders.

ChartIQ for mobile features everything users love about our world renowned charting solution, in an easy-to-install application that is now optimized for native mobile app integration. A powerful interactive chart deserves the power of a native-app experience.

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A Robust Software Development Kit (SDK)

ChartIQ is essentially an infrastructure toolkit, carefully thought through and built to give you unparalleled flexibility while maintaining ease of integration. Accelerate time to market with our charting library: a complete SDK with comprehensive APIs, production-grade “drop-in” UI templates, sample implementations, optional add-on modules, and extensive documentation. This allows software developers to integrate charts into their applications within hours.

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Traders aren’t all the same.
Their charting platform shouldn’t be either.
Out-of-the-Box Features

Our core charting package gives you everything you need to install a robust charting package immediately. To see our charts in action, visit our demo page or check out these featured videos.

Smart Zoom
Drawing Tools
Utilizing Studies
Chart Grid
Premium Modules

ChartIQ’s modular architecture allows you to provide traders of all levels what they need to succeed. Expand your offering with these premium modules.

Chart Accessibility

ChartIQ includes pre-built accessibility features like tabbing and keyboard shortcuts. This means our clients can begin to meet WCAG standards out-of-the-box. Helping to make our clients’ solutions more accessible for their clients is a cycle of inclusiveness that we’re happy to be a part of.

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Creative Use Cases

With 300+ clients around the world, we specialize in customization for specific use cases. From social media platforms like Stocktwits to institutional firms like Citi and Fidessa, we provide one thing they can’t find elsewhere: the world’s only professional-grade HTML5 charting software on the market.

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