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Best strategies to develop active traders

How to equip your existing users for a lifetime of smart trading.

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021 @ 11:00 AM EDT

You want your users to become active traders for life. To do this, you must find out how to attract, educate, and equip traders so they take the next step. In this roundtable, join representatives from Yahoo! Finance, eTrade, and Zerodha as they discuss strategies to implement solutions for all levels of trader experience, ultimately advancing them along the path to become expert traders. Cosaic CEO Dan Schleifer will lead the discussion, asking What works for you? What technologies have helped you achieve this goal? What are some strategies you’ve used to educate and support your users as they level up?

Join this roundtable as our guests discuss some of the tools and strategies they’ve used to create (and retain) active traders.

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