Company Profile

BlueFire AI is a Capital Markets Intelligence Firm comprised of a unique combination of capital markets experts, leading academics and pioneering technologists. BlueFire AI synthesizes the latest state of truth around companies through the delivery of machine generated data, signals, and strategies and is used by large global institutions to capture asset investment performance. Quantitative capabilities are on par with hedge funds while BlueFire AI’s published R&D in AI is ranked #1 globally in multiple tasks in English and Mandarin.

Executive Summary

BlueFire AI produces advanced AI-driven analytics which identify the current state of health of a company. We are the ‘fitbit’ on the wrist of a company, providing real-time metrics that investors can use to take action. Choosing a visualization platform was driven by the following:

  • Advanced technical charting features
  • Cost effective build versus buy decision
  • High performance library with strong new feature pipeline
  • Easy integration with comprehensive support

The use of ChartIQ’s toolkit significantly accelerated the delivery of our product and allowed our team to focus on development items that added real value to the BlueFire AI product.


At BlueFire AI, our challenge was to deliver insightful signals on the current state of companies in a way that maximized the delivery of information, coupled with interactive alerts and sophisticated charting features. As a company we have always tried to out-source (buy versus build) those functions that a 3rd party can perform better. This led to a decision to utilize ChartIQ. With advanced functionality out-of-the-box, ChartIQ has allowed us to focus our own development time on improving the quality of our analytics while still delivering a unique experience with the charting library.


“ChartIQ offered the best capability and platform that dove-tailed with what we were trying to achieve at BlueFire AI. A picture tells a thousand words and it was critical for us that we be able to translate complex market signals into a dynamic and instructive overview of how a particular company is performing.

The most impressive thing about ChartIQ was the ease of implementation coupled with the advanced charting features. For our sophisticated Capital Markets client-base we got a weapons-grade technical charting capability out-of-the-box.”

—Luke Waddington, BlueFire AI co-CEO and co-Founder


  • With the ChartIQ package, we got a comprehensive suite of technical charting in addition to the high quality visualizations we were able to build ourselves.
  • With the ChartIQ data-model it was straightforward to combine BlueFire AI signals into a comprehensive picture of company fundamental, behavioral & market-driven signals
  • The degree of customization available within the ChartIQ toolkit allowed us to create a unique user experience.
  • We had the benefit of the Support Team at ChartIQ and were able to implement the package surprisingly quickly and smoothly.